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New Add On - Solar Panel Cleaning

US Window Cleaning is now adding solar panel cleaning! Just like windows, solar panels need cleaning - all the dirt and gunk covering the panels might be hindering the full use of your panels. All it takes is for us to go up there and use our water-fed pole which shoots out water and we scrub them all nice and clean. We are starting prices at $150 for a 1-story house and $250 for a 2-story. Go ahead and give us a call at 713-489-3107! 

Make your house look 10 years newer

Is your house showing its age, time to clean it up! Painting and replacing is expensive, espcially during these times. Most importantly you probably don't need to do anything expensive. You just need a quick clean up - wash some windows and pressure wash the exterior. We can take care of everything for you. Take all the green stuff that is gunking up your windows and get that driveway looking sparkly clean, turn that brick/stone/stucco/hardiplank back to its original color. Give us a call at 713-489-3107! 

Pressure Washing & Gutter Cleaning Winter Special

It's that time of year again, time for the WINTER SPECIAL! Time to get your driveway, patio and house pressured washed and declog those gutters.

Going rates are:

Small driveway (attached garage) - $60

Long driveway (dettached garage) - $120

Small patio - $35

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Providing Window Cleaning and more to the Greater Houston Area

Providing window cleaning, pressure washing and gutter cleaning services to the Tomball, Spring, Magnolia, Woodlands, Kingwood, Humble, Porter, New Caney, Waller, Cy Fair and Jersey Village areas. Go ahead and give us a call at  713-489-3107! 

Dirty Windows - Call US Window

Tired of looking out your filthy windows? Driveway looking black and disgusting? Gutters overflowing? You know you're not going to fix them, hire us to do this! 7,000+ jobs performed! Call us at 713-489-3107!

Algae Taking Over, Time to Clean

Are your windows and house turning green? Time to call us! We clean windows, pressure wash houses and driveways, and clean gutters. Get your quote today, we book up fast! We service Southern Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring and Cy-Fair areas! Call us at 713-489-3107!

Pollen Season is Over, Time to Clean the Windows

TIme to clean the windows! The pollen is over, and we both know you do NOT do windows! Lt us handle that. Also providing pressure washings, house washing, roof washing and gutter cleaning. Call today, we book up fast! Call 713-489-3107! 

Last Minute Spring Cleaning

It's Spring Cleaning time! US Window Cleaning will clean your windows, pressure wash thr driveway, wash the house, clean the gutters, and we can even do roof washing! We service CyFair, Waller, Tomball, Spring, Magnoila, The Woodlands, and Southern Conroe. We stay booked, don't wait to call or email for your free quote! Call at 713-489-3107 or email at 

Spring Cleaning Time

Great weather is here, can you see it through your windows? No? You need window cleaning! We'll do that for you, as well as driveway/house washing, gutter cleaning, even roof washing! Call today at 713-489-3107!

HOA Complaints? Use US Window Cleaning!

It your driveway black, your house green? We handle that! US WINDOW CLEANING provides pressure washing and house washing services! TIre of those HOA letters threatening fines? We''ll fix it! Call today at 713-489-3107!

Dirty Windows - Use US Window Cleaning

you know you don't do windows! Do your windows look filthy? Covered in algae, bug debris, and grime? We do window cleaning in a fraction of the time it would take you, and at a far lower rate than our national competitors! Having cleaned more than half a million windows in 8 years, we're fully insured, veteran and family owned, local, and have the tools and knowledge to get the job done right for you! Don't wait, call today! Call 713-489-3107! 

Selling the House - Make Sure it is Prepped

Getting the house ready for sale? You can add $1000s in curb appeal by getting it cleaned up first! Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing Soft Washing, Roof Washing and Gutter Cleaning all add to the presentation of your home to prospective buyers. Ever see a dirty care at a car lot? Same idea, but with your house! Don't lose the sale or agree to eat less than you hoped just to save a few bucks, call us today to get your home sparkling before the buyers arrive. Call today at 713-489-3107! 

Importance of Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning is a necessary maintenance item for the foundation of your house. Your gutters direct water away and keep the slb from absorbing it, causing it to expand and crack. Since gutters are often 2 storeis up, this can be dangerous for you! Let us handle handle your gutter cleaning needs, we have teh ladders, training and experience to do it safely and affordably. Our speical is 2 story homes for just $110 right now! Call today at 713-489-3107!

It’s Been Too Long, Time To Give Us A Call

When was the last time you had your driveway, patio, and house pressure washed? Well, that's too long!! We offer Winter Special rates to renew your driveway to it's original brightness, take algae and black mold off your home use soft washing, and even restore roofs with roof cleaning (those black streaks are actually giant bacteria colonies, not mold!). Our Winter Special won't last forever, call today at 713-489-3107! 

Pressure Washing and Gutters Winter Special

Check out our Insane Winter Special! Driveway Pressure Washing starting at $55, Gutter cleaning starting at $55, also 25% off Window Cleaning! Soft Washing and Roof Washing also available! These prices don't last forever, so call today to get this limited time offer! Call 713-489-3107! 

Winter Cleaning

The holiday crush is over, you can ffocus on cleaning the house again! Windows, driveways, gutters, siding/brick, and now offering roof washing! Call 713-489-3107 for rates!

US Window Cleaning's Winter Special 2022

Winter Discount Rates!!!

Start off the you new year with a clean home! We're offering Winter Specials on Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Gutter Cleaning, and also now offering Roof Cleaning! Rates start at just $55! Call us at 713-489-3107!


US WINDOW CLEANING is pulling for our hometown Houston Astros in their quest for the penant!!!  Lets beat those Boston wusses just like 2017!!

Hosting an ALCS party at your home?  US WINDOW CLEANING can clean those windows, pressure wash your driveway and patio, soft wash the green/brown/bug debris off your house, and fix those overfilled gutters!  Call us at 713-489-3107 for a free, no obligation quote.  In most cases no site visit needed!  7500 jobs completed and 500,000 windows cleaned, we can get the job done so you can enjoy the series and your guests!

Back to School Window Cleaning Special

Kids are back in school and the cleaning can begin again. US Window Cleaning is here to help take off all those hand prints and slobber off those windows. We can also clean up and take care of those summer house projects and get rid of the paint and dust from construction. Servicing from the Woodlands to Cy-Fair, we take care of all your house cleaning needs, such as window cleaning, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning. 


For first time customers we have a 50% off promotion for all serivces and for multiple services an additional 10% off.  Along with those windows looking clear, we can make those driveways and patios look almost new again. Also doing the high work and getting those leaves and pine needles out of those gutters and make sure the are declogged and working. 


The holidays are creeping up as well and everyone loves a sparkling house to show off to the family. Promotions are good through the holiday season as well. We can travel to your house in Spring and do your relatives in the Woodlands or Cy-Fair and Houston as well. Make sure you are booked in advanced before Thanksgiving and Christmas so the windows are nice and clean before the guest arrive.  


Winter Special in 2021

Happy New Year from the US Window Cleaning family!

It is time once again for the INSANE WINTER SPECIAL! 

We are offering low rates for your pressure washing and gutter cleaning needs: 

Pressure washing: 

Driveways - (includes sidwalks and curb)

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